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life in the fast lane. . .

Posted Jun 06 2007 12:00am
Life in the fast lane
Surely make you lose your mind, mm
Life in the fast lane
Are you with me so far?

Now for you guys who’ve not met Freya Hoffmeister, this next little story is just sooooooo “Freya”. And I do say that with some affection!

Freya called me yesterday and told me about her and Greg’s (Stamer) trip to Canada. It sounds like they had a great time. Freya says the also found they move well together on the water. . . Something I would not have doubted LOL! So Somewhere during that trip to Canada and the return trip to Germany Freya decided she wanted to circumnavigate Iceland! And not in a couple years, or next summer or whatever, but NEXT WEEK!! Of course anything Freya can do, Greg can do (well, except for that upside-down splits thing. .). So he’s going with her! They are flying out this Friday and may hit the water near Reykjavik by Saturday. (depending on weather). Can you believe that? Yikes!

Iceland Is a beautiful dreamworld, yet it can be cold and harsh. It is a vortex for those kayaking adventure dreams. As you know I’m sure, Shawna Franklin, Leon Somme, & Chris Duff did this trip in 2003, and recently Rotem Ron of Isreal completed a solo circumnavigated Iceland. Yet, this is not a trip for the feint of heart. The conditions can be poor to downright scary and the south coast is infamous for it’s knarly surf and ugly launches. Let alone the storms that can come in. The uniqueness of Freya & Greg’s attempt will I think, be speed. Freya loves speed and frankly needs to be back to work at about the same time I head off to Puerto Rico at the end of July. So they are planning to make time by doing some big open water crossings instead of hugging the shore line. This of course will shave days off the trip, but will also increase the danger level. They will be texting me with some updates as they can and I will post them on Freya’s blog. So you can follow along there.

Sea kayak Iceland is helping them out with Logistics. Nigel Dennis is supporting them as well. The both will be paddling Explorers. Of course paddlers have most of their own gear, and she was able to get charts quickly. Freya also bought a fun new EPIRB as well. Today they are off to do that last minute expedition shopping. . you know the thing, “What did we forget dear? Anything?”. . . .”OH MY GOD!!! FOOOOOOOD!!”.

Yeah, I’m teasing them a bit. But this is long and dangerous trip. Rarely, if ever, has anyone made an attempt like this with such a short planning window. Freya loves to push the boundaries of spontaneity. This is certainly one of those occasions. I’m certain there will be some chatter, but if anyone can pull off a spontaneous circumnavigation of Iceland it’s these guys. All I ask is that they come home safe. Best of luck guys!

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