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L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

Posted by Kristen D.

The new "catalog" of L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools programming is out! I just got mine in the mail today. If you live in the Northeast, or plan to travel here, their programs are something to consider. I learned to kayak with them, and I hope to take one of their kayaking/camping trips.

Click on the post title to link to their website.

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There are programs for begineers and the more advanced. As long as your ready and able to handle a good upper body workout, the kayaking begineers class is great fun and teaches you the basics as you enjoy nature.

There are also classes for experienced kayakers, focusing on such things as advanced strokes and rolling.

And the classes aren't limited to kayaking. There's also courses on fly fishing and wingshooting, and there are bike and other tours and adventures.

Very cool--I'm not in the area but it sounds intriguing. Now, do they work with beginners or are their programs primarily for people who are already pretty sporty to begin with?
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