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Kayaking Tips - Sea kayak tips

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Practice riding offshore swells. These waves dissipate slowly without breaking, and give you a welcome push. It helps you get where you are going
Set up caches. On out and return trips, set up resupply caches along the way to lighten the load. Hang supplies in a sturdy drybag our of reach of animals
Supplement your backcountry diet with natural foods. Live on fresh caught fish, and take garlic, onions, apples, and potatoes.
Take a pillow. Comfort is everything
Take a teflon coated cook set. It's no fun scraping blackened pancakes out of your pan.
Timing is everything. To surf, choose your wave and paddle aggressively toward the beach. Hit your maximum speed as the wave hits your stern
Use rudder to steer. If you put the kayak on edge, you go over. Use a strong stern rudder to keep going straight.
Use sheepskin boots. They dry out, and keep you wonderfully warm
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