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Kayaking Tips - Getting started

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Get a personal flotation device. Your PFD should fit, be comfortable, and provide adequate flotation
Get the right gear. The right boat and accessories can make the difference between a great and a disappointing experience
Heads up. Stabilize your head, and your body will follow. Hold your head up, vertically aligned with your back, and hold it steady as you paddle.
Keep your arms locked. Power comes from your back, as you hold your arms locked. Your back rotating around your spine is the engine, but keep your head steady
Know your limits. But don't underestimate yourself, you will get the hang of it quickly. There is nothing like the beauty of gliding silently across the water
Lean back. Power and performance come from the back. Sit up straight and let your body paddle the canoe. It's more relaxing.
Plan for safety. Be aware of changing weather, water levels, whitewater, safte landing spots, and local agencies to contact in event of emergency.
Practice air strokes. Practice your paddling strokes on dry land. Have your instructor critique you. Practice again to develop your muscle memory
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