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Kayakes for beginners?

Posted by Larissa

Kayaking looks fun. I have never done it, but thought I might buy a used kayak and give it a shot. Since I'm new to the sport, I didn't know what to look for. Does anyone have a suggestion on the type/model of kayak I should look into buying? I will be using it in the Redwood City and Foster City ports and possibly Half Moon Bay.
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I couldn't suggest a place to buy a kayak, as I don't live in sunny California (although I'd love to be there right now as there's an impending blizzard forecasted here). However, I would suggest before buying a kayak that you rent one and take it out for a paddle to see how you like it. The reason I suggest it is that a new kayak is a pretty big expense, I imagine that a used one would still cost a pretty penny.

All in all though, I imagine you'll love it. It was love at first paddle for me. But my first try was also with rental kayak.

This is the approach I took when I started snowboarding. I bought the same gear as the rental because I was comfortable with it. As I progressed, I learned more about snowboarding and all the products out there and upgraded. I will probably do the same for kayaking.


REI hosts introduction to kayaking classes that feature different kinds of kayaks and they're good at assessing what your needs might be and what uses you'll put the kayak to --the other really great class we took was with Outdoor Adventures and they had us try so many different kayaks and assessed what fit us best. I found my perfect kayak from that class.


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