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Kayak Week 2007 – day 1

Posted Jun 09 2007 12:00am

So here’s the process. I get up and drive from the campsite at Point Beach State Park back into town, stop at Mcdonalds for coffee and disgusting food, then drive to Manitowoc to find the library. Then I plant myself on a wall outside the door where I can get a decent wifi connection. Then I plug in my camera card from yesterday, pick a photo, open photoshop and do a quick resize and edit. Next, I upload the photo to Flock. Then I open blogger, drag the photo from the flock browser into the blogger window, Close everything down and then I can begin to write. Of course meanwhile people walk past in and out of the library occasionally stopping to say hi to the weirdo sitting by the door.

Why? Well to show you a picture of the friday night paddle crowd of course! Well, I’m told that the last few days have been pretty knarly on the lake, but of course when I get here it’s sunny and calm. Nice relaxing paddle, but I’d rather have soup!

So there is my rather short, unimpressive post for the day. Besides, my head is swimming! I think it was those last few Jello shots!!!!

* I should credit someone for the photo, but I’m not sure who had my camera at this moment. . so let’s credit this one to…………….oh……….I don’t know…………………..let’s say……….Phil!

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