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Posted Aug 25 2006 12:00am
Jump in the water, cmon baby jump in with me
Jump in the water, cmon baby get wet with me
Jump in the water, cmon baby jump in with me
Jump in the water, cmon baby get wet with me
lady kiss that frog – gabriel

Any more rain and I’m going in for a pair of flippers myself. On the other hand the rain and cool air have made running a bit more of a joy. (in a wet, green, froggy sort of way) Yeah, I’m back at it again. I can’t say I enjoy running so much. But there are times when I’m feeling a bit slow, tired and fat when running seems to get me back on the track. (literally and figuratively) Yesterday I did my little trail run in 40.16 minutes. That’s down from 46.38 last week. I’ve never really measured the distance and cut across a few trails along the way. I’ve always just clicked the chrono and took off. I suposse I should get out the GPS. But I’m not trying to win any races either. When I was running it each day I had it down to just under 36 minutes. So I’ve got a bit to go to get there again. On the other hand if I’d stop fiddling with the camera maybe I’d be further ahead. Thing is, I’m not an athlete or a running machine. People with my body type, I think were built to lift small buildings, not to leap them in a single bound. I’m ok with that too. It’s always fun to help the skinny guys carry their boats. :)

> Here’s more on trail running from another kayaker.

Somehow that leads me right into my next note. Most of you know that Wes Boyd’s popular “Kayak Place” website is going down soon. Wes has decided to move on to other things. Well, many of us did not want to lose the great resource he put together so I got in touch with Wes, (thanks Richard) and arranged to archive the Kayak Place right here. Cool eh? So if you go to the main site and look under features, click on “Kayak Place”. Now, Wes had a big site, and we may not be able to get all the contributed articles, and I have much more to add, but we have a good start. Like I’ve said before, Thanks Wes for all your work over the years. Your site helped a lot of us when we were first getting into the sport. CLICK HERE

And somehow that leads me right into my next note. . (did I say that before?) I’ve made some changes to the Kayak Wisconsin navigation. I hope it makes a little bit more sense. It was starting to even confuse me! I’ve probably added a few more links along the way as well.

Which leads me to. . . no wait. . that’s tomorrows’ post. Well, the one you’ll get around 10 pm tonight since I’m teaching my last class of the season at Rutabaga tomorrow. Now that really tells you summer is coming to an end.

And speaking of ends. . . . So JB sent me this picture labeled “I finally found it!”

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