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Joe The Intern. . .

Posted Mar 02 2008 12:00am

Come on is such a joy
Come on is such a joy
Come on take it easy
Come on take it easy
Take it easy take it easy
Everybody’s got something to hide
except for me and My monkey
- beatles

My full name is Joseph Cameron Jackson, but at Paddler Magazine they call me Joe the Intern. This blog is part of an experiment we are conducting at Paddler in which we have our readership, paddlers, give me assignments. Derrick’s assignment was to give him a break from blogging.

I moved up to Seattle from L.A. five months ago with two boxes, a duffel bag, and a Wavesport Y that is sponsored by duct tape. I gave up the seasonal lifestyle – raft guide in the summer, Indonesia/Peru/Mexico in the winter – to get a big boy job. While I still get ample time to paddle, commuting and deadlines have taken some getting used to, but as you will see below the office life is still fun at Paddler Magazine.

If you have any assignments, please e-mail me at

A Day in the life: Joe the Intern

I arrived at 10:15. I drank entirely too much coffee before getting in to work. I have a lot of ideas, their quantity increases and conversely their quality decreases in an exponential function in direct correlation to my caffeine intake. On mornings like this, I rush into Mike and Christian’s office (they are the Editor and Associate Editor of Paddler) with sweat on my upper lip and shoot through five to 10 ideas before they can get a word in edgewise. Sometimes an idea gets them excited and we chat about it. Mike and Christian are very polite about my terrible ideas but I can tell they get annoyed by the looks in their eyes, I don’t stop though, because I just can’t help it.

From 10:40–1:12 I worked on one story that will probably picked up and one that I am totally gambling on. When I get passionate about a story I will write it and hope one of the editor’s picks it up. If not, at least I got to hear some interesting paddlers tell their stories and practice becoming a better writer. Most of the patches in time on my timeline are devoted to these articles or one of my crazier ideas that got picked up (sorry can’t give specifics).

I made a sandwich at 1:13 and looked at my advanced copy of our March/April edition. It was a pretty narcissistic lunch as I mainly read what I wrote and looked at pictures of myself. The sandwich was tasty and large, but offered little nourishment in comparison to what looking at my published work did to feed my ego.

At 1:27 I fixed a fluorescent light that was flickering really hard. I was nervous about it exploding in my face or getting electrocuted. My fears are based mainly on YouTube videos of gnarly fluorescent light pyrotechnics because I know nothing about fluorescent lights. I wanted to maintain my street cred in the office, so I showed no signs of nervousness.

I “spectored” Mike at 1:45. When I started interning at Paddler, I had a tendency to unintentionally sneak in to Mike and Christian’s office while they were focused on their computers and surprise them. Sometimes I would spend 30 seconds to a minute unnoticed waiting for them to acknowledge me. I have earned the nickname “the spector” because of these awkward moments watching them work unnoticed. I have since taken it a step further and turned the nickname into a verb. I intentionally “spector” Mike and Christian for shock factor. For example, I have hidden under Christian’s desk while he was in the bathroom. In this instance, I hid behind a pile of gear next to a file cabinet behind Mike’s desk and watched him enter the room. He almost sat down to start editing before he noticed. Not my most creepy “spectoring” but definitely my best use of the pile of gear by Mike’s desk.

I spent most of my time between 1:50 and 3:30 on the above-mentioned stories and my secret crazy intern scheme with one exception. We have a portable trailer we are planning to return which has not been moved in at least a year. It took Christian and I some time to put together and after using cinder blocks and our man-brawn to get the entire trailer in driving order we found a lock on the portion that attaches to the trailer hitch. We did not have a key to said lock. Christian had to take off to cover a super secret web story and I was left with the task of taking the trailer apart. I felt like “Cool Hand Luke” when the “Boss” broke him by forcing him to dig holes and fill them back up repeatedly. Mike thankfully helped me get the trailer back apart and I washed my blackened hands with just enough time to rush off to my manny (male nanny) job, which is the subject of an entirely different blog.

- Thanks Joe!  And by the way, if you would like to be a guest poster at KayakQuixotica just click that big @ on the right column and share your gift!  Here are some ideas: event reports, product reviews, trip reports, different persectives, lunatic ravings. . . ya know. . .

- Conversely wise if you’ve got a job for Joe, let him know!!

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