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Posted Oct 04 2005 12:00am

Feel my blood enraged
It’s just the fear of losing you
Don’t you know my name
Well, you been so long..
And I’ve been putting out fire with gasoline. . . d. bowieEach morning after I drag myself out to get my first caffeine of the morning, I stumble through the house to my office and “wake up” my computer. My habit is to always check CNN, and then go to the BBC to read all the news CNN overlooks. Then I take a quick scan of local news. I’m pretty sure I have to stop reading news first thing in the morning. It certainly puts a weird spin on your day. As an example I read today that Florida’s new “Stand Your Ground” law took effect Saturday. Now apparently, if someone offends you in Florida you may have some legal protection if you shoot them. Especially if you can get a good lawyer. No, that’s not really the law. You actually have to feel (feel being the key word here) “threatened” in some way. Then according to the new law you are justified to open fire. Thing is, the law in essence it will create a lot of grey areas that will have to be tested by the Florida courts & the blood of their citizens. For my part I was struck by the irony. (Yeah I know, you don’t get that much ’round here.) Odd that a law called “Stand Your Ground” was created by people who espouse the teachings of the guy who said “turn the other cheek”. And with that thought it’s time again to slip out into the lake. . .

We received our confirmation letter from Sea Kayak Georgia already. That was a suprise, we’re not used to such fast turn around times. Holding the letter in your hand starts to make the trip seem more real. Ok, so I’d better find my travel tooth brush! Luckily the Jeep just needed a new switch and is now ready to drive south to Georgia. Just for fun I want to reprint this part of the letter;”Marine Hazards:

Avoid grabbing or running into docks or pilings. Oyster shells and barnacles permanently attach to these structures and can cause nasty cuts, bad scratches and possibly holes in your boat. Oyster beds also form along the edges of the marsh grass, it is best to avoid capsizing of doing rescue practice right along the marsh edge. If you cut yourself on oysters or barnacles remember to flush the cut immediately with providone iodine or some other sterile solution. Oysters are filter feeders meaning they contain high levels of bacteria, which can cause your cut to become infected very quickly if not cleaned.”YIKES!!!!!! DID HE SAY IODINE???

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