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give me a kiss. . give me a twenty

Posted May 14 2006 12:00am
I promise you perfection
between you and me
electronica for lovers
electronica for lovers
-pap das

One thing I had to get before I was off again was a new GPS. You know I really wanted to take time and study every model and be the perfect shopper but in the end I ran out of time and just barreled into a marine store. .

I replaced my little yellow e-trex door stop with a new GPS last night. My main concern was keeping the cost down. I’ll let Wenley buy all the cool stuff. I just need something that works and yet leaves me some money for Ramon Noodles. . So with that in mind I purchased a Garmin GPS 76. Greenish backlighting & Grayscale! But it does everything I’d want it to do. What’s that you ask? Blend drinks of course! Actually I’ll try to get in a post about basic GPS features and functions for you new folks later in the summer. I’m a bit leery of Garmin after my first experience with the e-trex but as I did with Palm, I’m willing to give them a one off. (well, PalmUSA got like 3 or 4 passes from me. . ) If the second purchase from Garmin goes to hell, I’m done. The only reason you can blow off having your GPS just go dead on you is the fact that you’ve learned a bit of old fashioned chart reading & basic navigation. Otherwise you’d be cooked. As instructors we tell people all the time to learn navigation and not to put all their nuts in one tree, but I’m pretty sure many don’t listen. Now, I’m not saying your safely is Garmins responsibility. It’s not. It’s yours. But on the other hand, back in the old days a company would stand behind a product. Hell, it should be an issue of pride. Now they bail after a year of very limited support and negotiate deals with the shops. Then the retailer is encouraged to start pushing extended warranties. It’s a fun new revenue stream created from the dust of flawed products. You’d think it would disturb the manufacturer to have their retail outlets saying “you’d better get an extended warranty or your screwed” as the last portrayal of them when you walk out the door with their product. When the guy starts pushing extended warranties I start wanting to re-think the purchase. Personally I feel the concept of “buy my product, then give me more cash if you want me to talk to you again” . . is just immoral. Yet, they had me. I paid extra cash to guarantee someone would listen for 2 seasons.

Ah, Well. . . .there it is then.

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