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down the rabbit hole

Posted Aug 06 2008 12:00am

As most of you guys know I work in web development & print advertising so I can’t help but pay a bit more attention to all the advertising noise that goes on around us every day.  I also tend to twitch a bit when I see an ad that may be sending out some controversial messaging, even if it’s not intended.   So when I came across this ad (center column) for Head Trip Helmets my little “maybe not” alarm went right off. I mean, it’s up to you guys but if you ask me it’s got this whole Lewis Carroll, “Dreamchild” thing going for it that might catch someone’s attention in a negative way. As I shared it around a bit the reaction was pretty consistant. The problem of course is the diversity of reader’s points of view is almost endless. In this case I may have suggested we try something a bit different. . . just to be safe.

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