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double Vision

Posted Mar 24 2007 12:00am
Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision
Ooh, when it gets through to me, its always new to me
My double vision gets the best of me
Been thinking a bunch about double vision recently.

Or maybe, I mean perception, or was that misconception? MisPERceptions?? Well it often seems more beer goggly than that, like double vision. What’s got me going on today is they way people perceive each other and how that changes or does not change with familiarity. So let me see if I can state this correctly; There is of course our perception of others and conversely wise, others perceptions of us. Perceptions are not always based on the actions of the person you are judging, sizing up, examining or whatever, they are often based on your own value system and your past experience with others. Good perception of course comes from strong abilities of observation & the ability to be objective. Taking each person around you at, as they say, “face value”.

One place of course we always get killed by this is in our romantic relationships. It’s a bear, not bringing along some baggage when you come into a new relationship. No, it’s not fair, it just happens. Yep, I still have those “First Wife” flashbacks that pop up every so often. You always have to remember, She is not HER and does NOT deserve to pay for that. Absolutely right. But we learn from our past and have a hard time not projecting our double vision on to others.

Another challenge of perception is change. When peoples lives change we often perceive THEY change. Of course more often than not, they don’t. They stay just the same and try to roll with the changes. Sometimes that means dealing with friend, who perceives they’ve changed. The sad result is often that the busier you get, or the more successful, you often have less time. Leaving others thinking you’re getting egotistical or think less of them, all the while leaving you wishing you had more time for them. Yet, they don’t see it. Humans naturally assume the worst, sadly, even of their friends.

I know often I tend to have a pretty open mind when dealing with others. I tend to trust strangers and expect most people are generally good, not greedy, self-interested or out to get me. I don’t naturally take the life changes of others as a personal slight. Of course, I’ve been nailed to the wall a couple times for open ended trust but in the end I’ve probobly benefited more for that than lost.

When I think about kayaking I think about how I can paddle down the same river a million times and it’s always slightly different than the day before. Even here in Bug tussle I have to scout my little river before I just “jump in” and go paddle. Yes, I know the river, but it’s effected by rain and run off miles away and can rise quickly and become a very different river. I have to understand how it is effected by the enviroment and then have enough discernment myself to take the time to notice. I can’t assume it’s always the same, and yet just because it rains I can’t assume it will be a raging torrent either. No matter it’s condition however, It’s still “my river” and I love spending time with it.

I suppose what I’m thinking about is the old line “Never Assume”. Not only do you make an “ass out of U and ME” as the stupid cleche goes, but you may suspect good people of bad things and trust the people you should be looking out for. . .

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