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Don’t Harass The Eagles

Posted Jan 11 2013 4:07pm
January 11, 2013 | By derrick


I’m not talking about a wade in the shallows
I’m not living there any more
You can spend your life fighting the river
Or you could look me right in the eyes – shearwater

This time of year, the lakes are the domain of the fisher people and the rivers are a risky proposition as well.  I’ll tell you one thing though,  every year when I see the Bald Eagles gathering on the Wisconsin river I feel an urge to hop in my kayak and paddle out for a visit.  Thing is, that would be a bad idea.

In the winter eagles are already stressed by the cold and scarcity of food.  Scaring eagles into flight or away from their food could deprive them of the energy they need to maintain their body temperature.  So as much as I like to watch the eagles, I’ll be doing it from shore.  

  • Safe & Responsible Eagle Watching

Here are some more photos I’ve taken over the last few days…

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