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Dammit Dolls & Nonsense

Posted Nov 30 2012 2:53pm
November 30, 2012 | By derrick

Two discoveries have made my Friday worth living.  First are the Dammit Dolls which are damn funny in their own right, but what I really loved was this quote by their creator; “People often ask me why I started Dammit Dolls. The truth is, I wasn’t smart enough to start a tech company or good looking enough to be a model!”  That totally speaks to me!  Not to mention that I realized how much I could have used a Dammit Doll during my last ACA cert!  

The second discovery is nearly as bad. It’s the Gangnam Hikers’ Style video. Which of course proves that outdoor types are neither nerds or poor dancers… Um, well…

It’s right about now when you’ll be asking yourself if it weren’t better that I just stopped blogging all together and simply paddled off into the sunset.. Oh, I hear ya…

Have a flippin’ fantastic weekend… Y’all.

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