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Posted Jul 21 2006 12:00am
Tiberias thinks me unpredictable. I am unpredictable. – kingdom of heaven

So Geoff’s been waiting a long time, but his new Rockpool Alaw Bach finally arrived! If you don’t know Geoff, he’s a very talented photographer based in Tasmania. ( Now you have to admit, it’s a pretty boat. And as Geoff said, pictures can’t do it real justice.

The Alaw Bach is a 17 feet long, 21 inch wide high performance touring kayak made in Wales. One that we here in the US cannot get our hands on, yet, anyway. The “Bach” is basically the same kayak as the Rockpool Alaw but designed for smaller paddlers. Rockpool get’s a lot of credit for their approach. They recognized right off that smaller paddlers still carry gear. So instead of lowering the deck and creating a “low volume” kayak as so many other companies do, the designers at Rockpool just lowered the cockpit. (2 inches in front & 1.5 in the rear). A wise idea if you ask me.

The end result is, not only do you have a great touring boat for smaller paddlers, but you also have a great touring kayak for people want a lower cockpit or are into traditional paddling. It certainly has my interest. . . but again us poor Americans, Tasmanians, Australians. . . either have to go to the UK or just sit solemnly and pine for a test paddle. . .

I have to admit. . I’m just a little jealous of Geoff. :) I want a glittery kayak!

If I had an Alaw Bach I would have a black one covered in a rainbow of glitter and grey and silver stars.

I would name it Aria (could there be any other name for an Alaw Bach??), and have the name in big scrolling script along the side.

Our first day on the water would be under grey skies on turbulent waters. In howling wind we’d charge the waves while in my mind the William & Mary Botetourt Chamber Singers sing “Jesu, meine Freude”.

The second day we would float outside the Memorial Union and listen to Reggae.

I would keep it in my living room and together we would watch kayak videos long into the night. We’d lower our gaze in respect when Gemma Rawlings came on. . . :)

I would cover it with a blanket at night so it wouldn’t get cold.

And then on one crisp autumn morning, way before the dawn, we would go off into the darkness. We’d enter the water under a full moon and black, clear skies. Then, lost in the gaudy, glittery confusion of the kayak, the water, and the stars, we would disappear. We would become one with the universe.

Now wouldn’t that be cool?

Congradulations Geoff!!

* photos by Geoff Murray. Thanks!

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