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Andrew McAuley – News Updates

Posted Feb 09 2007 12:00am

In case you are just checking this post. I’ve added this.


“Photographs taken on board the ill-fated kayak had shown he was always wearing his dry suit, and Ms Peedom said his family was confident he still would have been wearing it when he went into the water. The dry suit was a full-length Gore-Tex one which sealed at his wrists and came up to his neck, sealing there as well.” READ MORE.

Certainly this cannot put this subject completely to rest, yet given what we know we have to assume Andrew DID have a drysuit on when he went into the water.

While there were questions being asked about why McAuley did not have a support team with him — “therein lies the challenge”, said Paul Caffyn


“If Andrew is not found in the course of today, it is our intention to suspend the search,” said Annie Lattey from the New Zealand National Rescue Coordination Center.


Jan Peedom said today that the cameras on Andrew’s kayak would provide little clue as to what had happened. One was completely broken and the other had no film it. Read Report


4:37 pm (11:37 am) – Newstalk ZB reports that the search will not continue if Andrew is not found today. Private planes have joined this final day. The RCC is still stating Andrew was not wearing an immersion suite. Read More

3:40 pm sunday cst. (10:40 am monday NZ): I had planned to end my posts yesterday but as the search has continued today and I know you are still checking here, I will keep you updated. According to ABC news online Two planes will search the Fiordland coastline with a helicopter standing by.
Read More


3:26pm CST: Search Continues (Monday morning NZ):

News Video

1:15am, Sun, 11, 07 – The search for Andrew is coming to a close as the skies around Milford sound begin to dim. By now we all know the many news outlets we can search and we have many questions to ponder. My heart goes out to Vicki and their young son. Hope is never gone, until it’s gone.

This long vigil is something I hope to never do again. But it was all I could do for Andrew. I hope there was some value. I might go to the pool tomorrow. I think I’d like to be in the water. My best wishes to every one of you.

Did Andrew McAuley cross the Tasman? If you ask me, he did.

Good night.

- derrick

This report seems to confirm my previous statement. The RCC believes he only carried a Dry Jacket. – READ REPORT However this seems to be a point of contention among his team.

Clarity. Indeed an immersion suit and a Drysuit are not the same thing. The media could certainly be confusing the issue. However, It’s my personal feeling that the RCC does know the difference and they have chosen to release the statement and call the search at 7:30pm NZ time. The media is just quoting the RCC. I’m sure more will be revealed in the coming day or so.


11:00 (6 pm NZ) – Newstalk ZB reports the search for Andrew McAuley will end at 7:30pm tonight. The RCC says Andrew has been in the Water over 40 hours now with the revelation that he had no immersion suit they have to be a bit more realistic. I will hang in there until the search is called off. All paddlers are feeling the same shock at this news. We share the same questions. But for now we send all our hopes to Andrew’s wife & son. At this moment, the search continues.

We face a moment of confusion and wonder. Until now we have read everywhere that Andrew had an immersion suit, or Drysuit as we say around here. Articles around the web quote various family members stating that he did have one. This new report contradicts these statements. I’m sure this will become an issue of debate. If this new report is accurate it casts much more doubt on his fate. We will have to wait and see. This is very tough news.

You can see a news report from yesterday here:,,11964-6930208-300,00.html (thanks Karel)


11/02/2007 17:08:02

Missing kayaker Andrew McAuley did not have equipment that would help keep him alive on board his kayak.

He was attempting to paddle across the Tasman from Tasmania to Milford Sound, but his upturned kayak was found last night off Fiordland without him in it.

Rescue Co-ordination Centre spokesman Lindsay Sturt says it was initially thought he had an immersion suit on board that would have helped keep him alive.

But they have recently discovered from the family that he was not carrying one.

The search area has now been extended and covers an area of about six thousand square miles.


* Weather Deteriorated in the afternoon. Read Here.


10pm (5pm NZ) – Search extended to 6000 sq miles. NewstalkZB reports that the family stated to the RCC that Andrew did NOT carry an immersion suit. This shocking report I can’t begin to fathom. However this is what is being reported at this time.

9pm ( 4pm NZ) – No word. 4 hrs of sun. Sunset between 8 & 9 pm. Keep in mind that as the sun begins to set the light will again make it hard to discern details in the water. I feel we need to hear something soon.

Nothing new to report. But if you’re waiting for news with the rest of us I’ll try to add in a little related info along the way. Let’s have a look at this from Andrew’s Website:

“What’s Your Experience?

The ocean doesn’t care what my experience is. When I’m out there, the Tasman will throw whatever it has at me regardless of how much paddling I’ve done. But I have done some paddling here and there. Here’s an abbreviated list of some recent kayaking trips:

- 2006 Antarctica (approx 850km from Hope Bay south to the Antarctic Circle)
- 2004 Gulf of Carpentaria crossing (530km crossing, seven days in the kayak non-stop. Except for sleeping!)
- 2003 Bass Strait Direct (a direct, non-stop crossing from Wilson’s Prom to Boat Harbour, near Wynyard. 220km in 35 hours)
- 2003 Bass Strait (western side via King Island, 300km. Includes a 100km crossing.)
- 2003 West coast Tasmania (Strahan-Hobart, 400km)
- 2001 Cape York & across Torres Strait (1000km) – 2000 Bass Strait crossing (eastern side via Flinders Island, 330km)
- 1998 Paddling and mountaineering expedition in the Chilean fiords, Patagonia

I hold the record in the Murray River Marathon for the Open MRec class (404km). I have competed in the Hawkesbury Classic a number of times (111km), and I’ve won the Open Long Rec class twice. But flat water doesn’t count for much on the ocean! I’ve also done a spot of mountaineering around the place, which is a good way to get used to suffering!”


8:21 pm (3:21 pm) – We have about 5 hours of daylight left. No new reports.
7:51 pm ( 2:23 pm NZ) – It’s been a long quiet time. I sit and feel like I must be missing something and yet I know I’m watching every outlet I can. Email and phone are also quiet. Last night a couple kept reminding me that no news, as they say, is good news. I don’t know. To me, No news is just “no news”. No bulletins. I guess we’ll wait again for the update at the top of the hour.
7:23 pm ( 2:23 pm NZ) – Nothing new – This from ABC News Online about 40mn ago:

” The family of missing Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley remain hopeful he can still be found alive.

His empty seven-metre sea kayak was found last night in the Tasman Sea off New Zealand’s South Island, but there has been no sign of the missing paddler.

Mr McAuley’s wife Vicki, their three-year-old son and his father Peter are all in Milford Sound, where they had planned to welcome him back from his month-long 1,600-kilometre trans-Tasman crossing.

Documentary producer Jen Peedom says it is an anxious time for everyone connected with the expedition.

She says the family is taking comfort in the fact Mr McAuley’s life jacket, immersion suit, and hand-held VHF radio were not left aboard the sea kayak.

“The kind of man Andrew is, he’s come this far, it really is an extraordinary feat,” Ms Peedom said.

“If anyone is going to survive a couple of nights out in the water, I really believe that it will be him and we really remain hopeful.”

Local kayakers have joined fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in the search area.


6:19 pm (1:19 pm NZ) – Nothing new. “Andrew says he wants to inspire people to reach for big, bold goals on a shoestring budget. His kayak is a widely available Mirage kayak with a few tweaks for safety and comfort, “I’m fascinated by exploring the limits of what is possible in a conventional kayak on a low budget.”Read More

5:00 pm (12pm NZ) – NewstalkZB has reported the search craft have been in the air 3 hours as we know. No signs of Andrew yet.


4:54 – Still waiting. Now, I’d love to hear from someone out there with some experience with maritime rescue. Check my math. . 1900 square mile search over about 11 optimal hours before night fall. You have to assume we need to find Andrew today. That means you have to search thoroughly 172 square miles per hour. With 2 craft of equal capabilities each would need to search 86 square miles per hour. How is that possible? Especially given that what we have is one Orion and one chopper? I probably just don’t know how it all works but I’d love to know. From a novice point of view it seems like mammoth task.


4:02 pm (11:02 am NZ) – Well, nothing new. NRCC are searching 1900 square miles of Ocean with one plane and one helicopter with another on stand by. It struck me that the RCC said that the could have more resources on site but at this time don’t feel they need it. I hope that means they feel they can saturate the area with what they have. As the day goes on time will continue to be a factor.


3:39 Pm (10:39am NZ) – I’ve got quite a few emails asking if the EPIRB was found in Andrew’s Kayak. We’ll all I can give you is this report.,21985,21206876-5005961,00.html

Thing is the accuracy of news from Australia has been hit and miss all night.


3pm (10am NZ) – While we wait. In case you missed this a couple years back:

Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award – solo kayaker and mountain climber Andrew McAuley, 37, in recognition of his epic crossing of the Gulf of Carpentaria, from Cape York to Arnhem Land. Andrew has previously kayaked Bass Strait (three times) including a first non-stop crossing; four ascents of Mt Cook, NZ; first ascent of Mt Jo, Pakistan; first ascent of Grupo la Paz, Patagonia. His next adventure will be a 1000 km unsupported kayak along Antarctic Peninsula next year.

- Of course that trip has past and is part of an upcoming video. A reminder that Andrew is a Tough guy. Nothing new on the 10am NZ news. Rescuers are still feeling positive.


11/02/2007 9:16:02

With the search for a missing Australian adventurer underway again this morning, rescue staff remain optimistic they will find him alive.

Andrew McAuley is missing off the Fiordland coast, after his kayak was found by rescuers last night.

Concern for the trans-Tasman kayaker was initially sparked by a distorted radio signal picked up by the Rescue Co-ordination Centre on Friday night.

Spokesman Lindsay Sturt says the good news is Mr McAuley’s life jacket and immersion suit were not in the kayak.

He says people have survived long periods in the ocean, such as Robert Hewitt, who was found alive 72 hours after going into the water last year.

He says visibility is good for the search, which involves a plane and a helicopter.

Mr Sturt says it is likely 39-year-old Mr McAuley has drifted north, because of the wind and sea conditions.

Andrew McAuley was scheduled to complete his 1600 kilometre journey from Tasmania at Milford Sound today.


2:16pm (9:16 am NZ) – Rescue craft are back on the water looking for Andrew. Confidence is high that they will find him. I want to thank everyone who has taken time to email me. I will certainly pass on your good wishes when the time is right. There are many smaller details that I just don’t have answers for. I don’t think anyone does at this point. I know we can’t help but wonder. But for now the important thing is finding Andrew.


1:50pm (8:50 am NZ) – Another View: From Justine Curgenven. Expedition Kayaker. See Also: News 3 New Zealand.

1:00 PM (8am NZ) Still another hour or so before flights resume. Hearing it explained to me makes more sense. As the sun sits low in the sky it will create long funny shadows around the waves. It would be almost impossible to see what’s actually in the water. The sun has to rise far enough to give you a good view of the tops and troughs. Imagine those streets of New York where the sun only shines on the street between 1 and 2.

Here’s what keeps sticking me. If a child is missing in the woods we can all go join the search. We feel like we’re doing something. Here we must stand on the shore and watch the planes disappear over the horizon. All we can do is wait. . .


12:01 pm (7:01am NZ) NewsTalkZB played an almost intelligible recording of that radio call that went out on marine channel 16 last night. I’m not sure I needed to hear it. Crews will soon return to the search. RCC spokes person Annie Lattey speculates that if Andrew is in full immersion gear he could survive 48 hrs or so in the water. But of course it’s all guess work at the moment.

11:35 (6:35 am NZ) Sunrise in the area Andrew is in is coming in about 10 minutes. However, search crews may delay until around 9am so they have the best light. One thing is sure, If I’d been floating all night in a dark sea, seeing that changing purple-blue horizon would give me hope.


11:11 am – Karel has updated the Forecast

Milford coastal forecast
Issued at: 4:13 am 11 Feb 2007 NZDT
Valid to: 11:59 pm 11 Feb 2007 NZDT
Variable 10 knots. Becoming southerly 15 knots, but 25 knots offshore in the afternoon. Sea becoming rough offshore. Southwest swell 2 metres easing

Karel our respected weather guru from Israel tells me the weather for the day does not look to bad. sw 10 to 15knots, also forecast wind going down, currents run from the ne to sw along the shore




Awake again. The chipper sun is forcing it’s way through my window like a loving dog that doesn’t know “now is not the time”. I pulled the shades. I don’t want the sun. In some ways it feels as if I hadn’t slept at all. Thank you to Wenley for holding the touch as it were. Yet nothing much new to say at this point. We know Andrew is out there. Until we know better, we wait and hope. After the last so many hours I can’t bring myself to jump back in and pester news outlets and quiz my friends for every bit of news. It’s too much. If they tell me something, I will pass it along on the “update post” but like everyone else I think I just have to wait.

It will begin soon you know. People will start impressing their opinions on this experience. Those against spending money on space flight, those who took it too Renata Chlumska on Pnet, will begin to rip Andrew down. They’ll do it you know. They’ll talk about money spent and claim it’s all a waste. Their nuts. I’ve said it, and I won’t back down. We must invest in our dreams. We must reach for for the stars. Andrew’s kayak did not just carry one man for the sake of ambition. In some ways that Mirage carried all of us and now we’re all swimming.

As we wait, ask questions, theorize, and wonder we need to remember that sometimes finding answers is like seeking a pattern in the clouds. There are none that do not exist if not for our perceptions. Experts can read the weather but part of what they do is make a best guess. No matter what we learn in the future, unless maybe if Andrew tells the story himself which is the one I want to hear, we will never know exactly what went down out there upon the sea. We’ll be looking for patterns in the clouds. We’ll all see different animals.

As you begin to feel like sharing your opinions & judgments, remember this. There is a little boy waiting for his dad to come home. You’re comments will filter down. Maybe next week, maybe next month. Nothing you say in our world is in isolation. Nothing you have to say is more important than respect for that boy’s love for his father. As you begin to share your opinions. . . Think about who’s in the room.

For now we hang tight. Andrew’s been over 24 hours in the water and dressed as far as we know for immersion. A happy ending is not impossible. Until we know differently, we need to keep the pressure on to find Andrew and bring him home.

A reason for hope? Remember this?

Thank you for that Karel.


10:41 Am – A few hours sleep. Here is where we are at:

11/02/2007 5:20:09

Rescuers will be out again this morning searching for a missing Australian adventurer, whose empty kayak has been recovered from off the coast of Fiordland.

A search and rescue operation was launched for 39-year-old Andrew McAuley after an emergency call was picked up from the area he was in during his solo kayak trip from Tasmania to Milford Sound, where he was scheduled to arrive this morning.

The kayak was found drifting 75 kilometres off the coast of Fiordland at about eight o’clock last night.

A rescue helicopter was sent to recover it. The chopper rendezvoused with a cruise ship helping with the search, and an inflatable was launched to recover the kayak.

There was nobody on board.

A check of the kayak’s markings overnight have confirmed it is Mr McAuley’s boat.

Rescue Coordination Centre spokeswoman Annie Lattey says the time he might survive in the water would depend on how much gear he had on.

She says the centre has been in contact with Andrew McAuley’s family throughout the search.


Last evening I posted a report that there was concern for Andrew after the RCC received a distorted radio message. I could not have imagined that I would still be here at 4:30am. Nothing more can be said. The RCC will need to confirm that the kayak they recovered is Andrews. Maybe it’s just another one of those NDKs that float around the seas for years on end and never sink. Regardless they will wait until morning to continue the search. I hurt for his family and hope for the best. I so admire Andrew and was really just getting to know him just a little bit. I told a friend I imagine Andrew just decided to jump out of his boat and swim the last 40 miles just to put an exclamation point on his crossing, and that’s the thought I choose to take with me as I try to sleep. Let someone else finish the story from here. Listen to NewstalkZB as they have been on top of everything all night. Be sure to email them and thank them for keeping us informed.

All my hopes. Good night.

4:19 – Here is the latest press release from the RCC;


An upturned and empty kayak has been recovered from the sea approximately 40 nautical miles (80 kilometres) west of Milford Sound. There is no sign of the owner of the kayak.

It appears to be the kayak of trans-Tasman voyager Andrew McAuley, who was scheduled to arrive in Milford Sound tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

The Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand is seeking confirmation that it is Mr McAuley’s kayak.

Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand Mission controller Keith Allen said that an Air Force Orion had been sent to search an area west of Milford Sound earlier in the day after a garbled distress message had been received on maritime radio.

“The Orion located the overturned kayak at around 8.00pm and a rescue helicopter was immediately despatched from Milford to recover the kayak”, Mr Allen said.

“The helicopter rendezvoused with a cruise ship assisting with the search, the Clipper Odessy, and an inflatable vessel was launched to recover the kayak.

“Regrettably, we have been unable to locate the owner of the kayak. We will begin searching for the kayaker again tomorrow morning using both a helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft”, said Mr Allen.

4am – The latest news is that the kayak found in the waters of Firodland is now being recovered. Since the RCC could not get divers down, they dispatched a smaller boat and it is on scene. No report yet on Andrew.
3:01 am – waiting again. I got an email telling me the New Zealand Rescuers are the best. I’m sure they are. My thoughts are with Vicky and Finlay. The radio is telling the story. The water is dark and too rough to send divers in. Time for some good news now. Past time.
2 am – An upturned kayak spotted off the coast. A chopper is on the way to investigate. 40nm off the coast. No paddler has been sighted. NewstalkZB is now reporting the news. At this point all we know is a chopper is on the way. I feel sick, but I’m not giving up hope. We don’t really know any other details. Come’on Andrew be ok.


1:56 AM. I’ve heard news. I must confirm. Will post again soon.
1:06am (8:06pm NZ) The sun will be going down soon in New Zealand, I’m told that the Orion Search Plane will continue to search until around 9 pm when it gets dark. At that point the search will be reassessed. We’ll let you know what happens from there. For all we know Andrew has had a nice snack and is about to curl up under Casper for his last snooze in the arms of the sea (for a week or two) . I can see it now, He’s snoring away while we worry needlessly. . .

- Thanks to NewstalkZP for that info.

12:05 Am ( 7:05pm NZ) Well, we’ve hit that point in the waiting game where the search for Andrew has moved off the hourly news updates on NewstalkZB who has been providing the best coverage to this point. It’s been over 7 hours now since this ordeal has started with no news from Andrew. So. . . We’ll just hang in there. . .


11:17 pm (6:17 pm NZ) The latest news is just a reiteration that the initial call that started all this could still have been a hoax call and not actually from Andrew. However, we still have to find him safe and sound to confirm that it was not from him. So it’s 6pm in New Zealand. I think our next concern is that sunset will around 8:30 pm. How much that will actually effect the search capabilities of the Orion I can’t be sure. From searching the web I could not pin down exactly what those capabilities are. But it’s got to be better than just looking out a window at a vast churning sea. Whereas the passing time has me a bit concerned, I still hope he’s just paddling away oblivious to what’s going on in the air around him.


10:45pm (5:45pm NZ) Andrew’s last known location was about 64 kilometers west of the entrance to Milford sound. So if my math is correct that put him about 40 miles west for those of us who still use “miles”. I’ve marked that off in the Google Earth image below. So we can assume the search area is inside of the 40 mile mark and some distance to the north and south. Next news update coming in 15 minutes but at this point I don’t expect anything new, but maybe we’ll get lucky. I’ll certainly be sitting here until we know Andrew is safe.



10:00pm (5pm NZ) The EPIRB is a satellite signaling device of last resort, for use when all other means of self-rescue have been exhausted, where the situation is grave and imminent and the loss of life, limb, eyesight or property will occur without assistance. Andrew has a 406 MHz EPIRB on board His kayak. One could only assume that if he were in trouble he would have used it. Another positive sign. The latest interview with Annie Lattey of Maratime NZ can only confirm that the search continues. Here is more info about the 406 EPIRB.

9:24pm – Well, what do you do while you wait? Here’s the official way to make a distress call in New Zealand –

9:00pm (4pm NZ) The search continues. RCC spokes person says the Air Force Orion is their best chance of finding him. Nothing really new to report, but I think it’s time for a drink. C’mon guys let’s find that kayak! Around the world organizations like RCC, the Coast Guard, or these guys are always there for people in trouble on the water. Let me thank them for being there.

8:32 – Waiting. How worthless can you feel when all you can do is wait? I so much admire Andrew for what he has done in life that goes beyond just kayaking. I remember on the first go he was wise enough to call it, when he saw a safely risk. He returned home, solved the problem and hit it again. Here is what I wrote then. Just waiting for news. . .

7:50pm – I’m told that the report I’d been given earlier has not been reported to the RCC. An Air Force Jet is expected in the Area in minutes. I have to thank Newstalk ZB for checking on that report for me. My hope is of course that Andrew is having a great day on the water and is totally unaware of the crazyness going on around him. Andrew, wave at that jet!!!!

This may be a good thing. Obviously there is a lot of confusion out there right now. Here is the latest news release from the New Zealand Rescue Coord Centre;

1:38 PM (NZ) The Rescue Coordination Centre NZ (RCCNZ) have reviewed information to hand and after further analysis of the initial alert message have not discounted the possibility that this may have been a hoax call.

However Mission Controller Mike Roberts says RCCNZ needs to be able to ensure that Mr McAuley is not in distress. “We need to make sure that Mr McAuley is not in any trouble, and the best way to do this is to locate him. To assist with this we have called in an Air Force P3 Orion to help in the search.”

The P3 Orion is expected to be over the search area around 3.00pm this afternoon. Two fishing vessels searched the area early this morning and have returned to Fiordland for refuelling. Three yachts are currently in the area and assisting in the search. A helicopter is on stand by in Milford.

Mr McAuley’s last communication was that he would arrive in Milford Sound at 0900 Sunday 11 February. He is understood to have a 406 EPIRB emergency locator beacon and flares on board. There have been no reported beacon activation or flares sightings.

Both weather conditions and visibility in the area are favourable.


Let’s hope then that the previous info is just a bad report in the confusion. . .


7:26: I am removing this comment as unconfirmable until such time as I know more.

Come on’ here. We’re looking for the happy ending. . .


As of 7 pm CST. Nothing new to report.



Southerly 15 knots becoming variable 10 knots this afternoon. Sea slight. Southwest swell 2 metres. Air Temp around 14C / 57 F.

Andrew’s brother did a short interview for Newstalk ZB just to make the point, as we all know, that Andrew was well prepared for the Trans-Tasman attempt. However, an Air Force Orion and two fishing vessels are continuing to search the area.

For more comments from Andrew’s brother be sure to check out Wenley’s Blog As well.

photo from Defense Industry Daily


You may wonder no one has heard from Andrew today? Well this from his website. .

“We, the landcrew, have been anxiously awaiting his daily situation reports. Yesterday he alerted us to the possibility of loss of communication — he’s down to one remaining sat phone and can’t charge the batteries for some unknown reason.”

So that’s the reason things are a bit more complicated than you might expect. I keep thinking about Andrew hearing all this chopper noise off in the distance and wondering what the hell is going on. Little does he know! :)


Newstalk ZB reports:

“Centre spokeswoman, Annie Lattey, says after reviewing their information, it seems the signal may not have come from Mr McAuley. However, an Air Force Orion and two fishing vessels are continuing to search the area.”

Full Story

This supports what I’ve been told as well.

Time to take a big, long, slow breath. . .

Well, the news has not changed. Very un-officially it sounds like the emergency services do not think the signal is from Andrew.

At this point it sounds like Paul Cayffn is on his way to Milford sound and plans to paddle out to meet Andrew and escort him in. Wow!! Paul as you know has attempted this crossing before among his many other legendary expeditions. When those guys arrive back on the beach there is going to be one hell of a party!!

Again, the news has not changed officially, but I think we’re all starting to feel much better. Come On Andrew! We’re all waiting for you!


The map above displays the southern part of the south island of New Zealand. The circled area is Milford Sound. The good news at this point is authorities are no longer saying that they are sure that the signal they received was a “distress call” and they do not know the exact source other than it was from the area Andrew is suspected to be in. So at this point the search continues and our hope is this is just a bit of fireworks before he arrives. He’ll probably wonder what all the excitement was about!! – Again we’re following the news here in the States at which is the only place I’ve found with constant live reports.

I’ve contacted NewtalkZB in New Zealand and they tell me they are in constant contact with the Rescue Coordination centre and will pass on info as soon as they have it. Thanks Guys!


10/02/2007 10:12:02

Not much new but weather is good as search continues -

“Spokeswoman Annie Lattey says the centre cannot be certain the alert came from Mr McAuley, but it was definitely from the vicinity of his last known position.”

I sit listening to NewsTalk ZB live unless I hear something else. . .

It’s hard not to be there. . .

This was posted about 45 minutes ago on Raidio News 3 in NewZealand

Concern for safety of australian kayak star

Rescuers are concerned for the safety of Trans-Tasman kayaker Andrew McAuley, after receiving a distorted radio message late last night.

The Australian was expected to arrive in Milford Sound tomorrow, after leaving Tasmania on January the 11th.

The Rescue Coordination Centre says two boats spent last night searching for the source of the radio broadcast, originating in remote Fiordland.

A helicopter will rejoin the search today, after making several unsuccessful passes over the area using night vision equipment last night.

The centre says it doesn’t know if the highly unusual message is from McCauley, but it has to be sure.

It wasn’t explicitly a distress call, but came in on the maritime band.

I’m waiting for an update. Thanks to Wenley for letting me know!

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