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all’s well that ends well. . .

Posted Oct 25 2007 12:00am
Beach on North Coast of Puerto Rico
What a lonely way to be
Lost at sea
-the bengals

This article is SKY news a few days back was certainly interesting. It seems a woman was out in a “canoe” in Hawaii and when the wind picked up she got knocked out. Now being the UK canoe of course could mean anything. The article shows a picture of a white water kayak. . I’m pretty sure that was NOT what she was in. (it was captioned: “Canoeists put their lives at risk”). Well, there she was floating in her bathing suit in 80F water holding on to a water bottle for flotation. When night fell, she apparently took off her top and wrapped it around her head to keep warm. After 19 hours at sea she was picked up by a charter boat and the rest as they say is “history”.

When you dig into the details of the article the questions come popping up everywhere. Why did the boat she launched from leave without knowing where she was? Where was her PFD? Apparently she tried to right the “canoe” many times until she got tired. Lack of training? Weather conditions? It’s hard to tell. That’s the problem with these sorts of stories. We just don’t have any details to make good judgments. SKY news certainly did not give a very good account of the situation or do much research to show their WW boat in foam to accent the story.

I have to admit the bit about taking off her top and wrapping it around her head was met with a teenage-like snicker. Yet after I thought about it a bit, that may have been the one wise thing she did.

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