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275,000 seals

Posted Mar 30 2008 12:00am

Here’s the thing. I can recognise someone’s right to make a living, even if i dont’ always agree with what they do. I have a pretty flexible opinion of hunting, but on the other hand there has just GOT to be something wrong with this. Regardless of the issue of hunting, conservation or whatever “cause” could be applied, I’ve never quite understood how someone could club another living thing to death like that. . .  It makes me want to ask a twisted version of that question parents used to ask. . “Do you touch your kids with those hands?”  Brutality toward any form of life on our little planet just has to be wrong. It has to be. There’s got to be a better way in this day and age to make a living.

If you’d like to see what’s going on this year visit the Canadian Anti-Sealing Coalition blog.


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