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6 & 7 months

So I'm a slacker!  However, I do like that these got posted together because I think he looks so different in this last month!  With Jason...

5 months

When I pulled up the four pictures I took of him in the laundry basket, I realized two were blurry, one he was eating his hand and this one...

super late 4 months

We can usually put him to sleep around 5:00.  We're still working on sleeping through the whole night though.  Or even getting up at the...

26 months

So I was looking back through the blog for a comment a friend had left when Johnny was a baby and came across all of these great posts that...

3 months and 2 years

He's getting so big!  He's now in 6-9 months clothes and so much fun.  I still can't figure out how someone who is so small and does so little...

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