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My name is Katie. I am a SAHM to a wonderful little boy, who is our dream-come-true after several miscarriages and several ART cycles.
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Covered In Kid

I want to make sure I keep this space somewhat current.  I am not sure how many readers are left, beyond the loyal few, but I also know that when...

Wow, 2014!!!

So, once again, it has been awhile. I feel as if I start every blog update that way.  Perhaps because I DO.  Updates, galore, are...


Oh, my poor little blog.  Once, this place was my lifeline.  I couldn't imagine visiting and writing here every single day.  I couldn't imagine...

Amazing Adventure

When your children are little, those whose children have grown are fond of telling you that these are the best days of your life and to enjoy...

For Rebecca

Her 13 week NST ultrasound (after four ultrasounds showing two babies with perfect measurements and perfect heartbeats) showed one perfect baby...

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