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Kathy S.

I am a 20-something studying to be a Registered Dietitian. I fill my day with nutritious foods and learn everything I can about how to be healthy and happy. I then share these thoughts and findings with all of my followers on my blog, so feel free to check it out and leave comments!
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Living on $2/day

There has been a lot of recent news about people from first world countries taking a challenge of living on $2/day for a few weeks in order to...

Tahini Dressing

As part of heart health month, I've chosen several of my favorite foods that just so happen to promote heart health. "But, how am I supposed...

Heart Healthy Snacks Part 2

Well, as I promised, I am here to break down these delicious foods and let you know why they are healthy for your heart. Unsalted nuts...

Heart Healthy Snacks

Hi friends! In honor of February being national heart month , I have decided to share some of my favorite heart healthy snacks with...


I got the opportunity to try it out last weekend and I must say, it was pretty cool!  I learned how to stretch deeper... Get better...

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