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Baltimore, Maryland
HI, I'm Kathleen, a Forensic Nurse Examiner. I created my blog, Forensics Talk, as an interesting & informative way of providing up to date news & articles on all aspects of the various forensics & investigative fields, environmental hazards, Behavioral Maladjustment, sexual violence and Child & Elder Abuse.
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Aug 27 2008 by Naturalgal

You have an interesting blog.

I read the one about the "fake butter" for microwave popcorn.

Aug 26 2008 by Saundra G.

Kathleen, I wonder if you can help me. I had a question from a reader that affects millions of people.

What are the effects of chemo therapy treatment on dental health? I know it can't be good. There's a lot of information out there and I want the best information I can get so I can write a truly informative blog and an article.

Thank you, Saundra


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