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Kathleen O'Connor

San Francisco, California
Kathleen O’Connor, author, consultant, industry analyst and columnist, has over 30 years experience in various sectors of the healthcare industry. She has been a bureaucrat, an entrepreneur, the Medicare marketing and sales executive for a for-profit HMO, and a non-profit executive. Her... Full Bio
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Hire a Mediation Team

All I hear from friends and colleagues is the utter disgust with the partisan bickering. I think the White House should hire a mediator to...

Variations in Care: Time for Delivery System Reform

Greetings! While Congress is actually moving forward with system reform, we need systemic reform in the ways we deliver health care...

A Plea for a Civil Voice

While words are hand grenades in health care, we need to either change the language or stop focusing on words. Our work over the last six years...

Back to the Future

Messaging and Naming and Framing an Issue.  How one frames an issue is how one defines the problem.  Health care is not just about cost and...

Change the Language of Reform

We need to change the language of the health care reform debate, or we will lose the chance for meaningful reform. We need to use words the public...
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