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We excited to join the Wellsphere community to empower women with information about essential personal health topics rarely discussed but for a few whispered conversations with girlfriends. We understand that it is often difficult to broach these intimate topics even with your health care... Full Bio
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Make It Work

As the fabulous Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work". What do we mean by that? You know you need (or at least should know by now) to do pelvic...

Nobody every talks about it...Taboo Topics

Have you ever gone to the doctor convinced you were finally going to ask about that taboo topic only to chicken out in the end when asked, "do...

Go Red for Women!

Today, February 4th, is National Wear Red Day. We support the American Heart Association's fight to save lives. Did you know that heart...

Bellies and Bottoms

Every girl wants a great flat tummy and bouncy bottom. Who would have thought that it is good for you too! You need strong abs, gluts and pelvic...

Core Strengthening-Finesse not Force Fitness

Do you still have a flabby tummy despite years of sit-ups? Have you given up in frustration because all those crunches never seemed to work?...

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