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Lackawanna, New York
Single female. Employed full time. Two children- 19 + 11.
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Any suggestions for having child take ADD medicine?

My son does not take his ADD medicine. He says he doesn't need it. The teacher says he concentrates  better on it. How can I make him take it if...

Is it safe for an 11 year old to lift weights while trying to lose weight?

My 11 year old son wants to start lifting weights while we are working on weight loss together. I just want to know if it is safe for him and if...
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Mar 03 2009 by Fanda

I'm sorry I just replied on your message today. How are you? And have you made any step forward to your goal? I'm a fitness lover, and though I have never had a weight to lose (thank God!), I've gathered many exercises that might help you in your weight loss. You can find it in: My Exercise For Woman. Hope you'll enjoy it.

See you around,


Feb 25 2009 by kim
i just signed up for the walking program that starts march 9 at stanford. i even get a pedometer.
Jan 19 2009 by daboltr23
Hey! just wanted to let you know that Charlie's birthday party is on saturday here at the house. get in touch with Lampy if you want to come. She's probably bringing mom and brit. Call me and let me know.