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Awareness Leads to Enlightenment

The following are links to articles about increasing awareness about Parkinson’s, particularly with April being Parkinson’s Awareness...

Hopeful News about the Benefits of DBS

 Sierra Farris has the answers to the tough questions about DBS. With permission to reprint her article. Sierra has answered one of the...

Tools to Help You to Speak Up and See the Light

Speaking loud enough to carry on a conversation shouldn’t have been so difficult for me. For years, I’ve been searching for a product that...

The Effects of Depression on the Body

  Check out Healthline's The Effects of Depression on the...

Is it the Depression or the Parkinson’s?

Up to 60% of those with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) will experience depression in their lifetime. Yet even with the high rate of occurrence of...
Kate K.'s Whiteboard
Oct 17 2011 by Theracycle

As you're interested in exercise therapies for movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, please check out our Wellsphere profile at


--Patrick (Theracycle) 

Nov 02 2009 by johnobuttons

Hi Kate,

I saw your picture with accordion  in "Proud Hands"       I was diagnosed with Parkinsons two years ago.

I play concertina which is a  bit like accordion.Just wanted to say hi.

The buttons is for buttons on concertina.


John Hamilton

Sep 09 2009 by Charlene Pryor
Kate I am slow at expanding my site and would like to reguest your friendship.  I may have set up a club here......if it went through"Friends With Parkinson's".  I am a well blogger...Charlene Pryor or" Pokie Too" in the Parkinson's community.  Hope to here from you


Kate K. has no friends yet : (