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Adding Quality to the Lives of Those with Parkinson's

Roxann Diez Gross, Mary Spremulli and Debbie Tarakofsky have a lot in common. All three women are speech-language pathologists. They have...

Tired of Being a Trooper

One of my doctors recently said to me “You’re such a trooper.”  He was well-intentioned and said it as a compliment, and I accepted it as...

Couple Communication Strategies If You or Your Partner Has Parkinson’s

“People may not remember what you said or what you did but they will remember how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou Effective couple...

Phone Phobia

I’m not afraid of brain surgery and have no fear of flying or dying. However, I'm terrified of the phone. I dread making phone calls,...


"BEYOND THE LIMITS” WHEN:   Sunday, March 2 - Tuesday, March 4, 2014 WHERE: Keystone Lodge & Conference Center in Keystone, Colorado...
Kate K.'s Whiteboard
Oct 17 2011 by Theracycle

As you're interested in exercise therapies for movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, please check out our Wellsphere profile at


--Patrick (Theracycle) 

Nov 02 2009 by johnobuttons

Hi Kate,

I saw your picture with accordion  in "Proud Hands"       I was diagnosed with Parkinsons two years ago.

I play concertina which is a  bit like accordion.Just wanted to say hi.

The buttons is for buttons on concertina.


John Hamilton

Sep 09 2009 by Charlene Pryor
Kate I am slow at expanding my site and would like to reguest your friendship.  I may have set up a club here......if it went through"Friends With Parkinson's".  I am a well blogger...Charlene Pryor or" Pokie Too" in the Parkinson's community.  Hope to here from you


Kate K. has no friends yet : (