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Create new habits in 4 easy steps- Free Coaching Tele-seminar on 9/29

Do you have a habit that you can’t change no matter what you have tried?  There 4 easy steps are going to change your habits and your life...

Forgive for Love

Do you want to know the secret to a happy and lasting relationship? A true commitment to stay in relationship for the good and bad...

Mexico Women’s Retreat: Heart, Health, & Bliss!

IMAGINE…A beautiful ecolodge that is alone on its own beautiful beach, fresh organic mexican food served all day from the local farm, beachside...

7 Ways NOT to Gain Weight This Holiday Season

Holidays are rife with emotional triggers and exhausting task lists. When we are stressed, many of us struggle to maintain healthy eating...

Speak from your wise heart

Can you remember a time when a very important conversation came up and you didn’t feel prepared? It might’ve been around a job promotion, ending...

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