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Karla D.

Athens, Georgia
My name is Karla. I'm a senior at UGA. I'm dying to get out and get active. I'm up for trying new things so I'd like some friends who want to either learn with me or teach me the ropes! I listed some of the activities I'm interested in, but I'm not opposed to others. I'm really not very athletic but I'm willing to try. I just want to be healthy and learn something new!
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JohnSheridan wrote on Karla D.'s Whiteboard. Oct 20 2009
Karla D.'s Whiteboard
Oct 20 2009 by JohnSheridan

Wow Karla, you're beautiful.

I'm currently trying to get in shape and be healthier than I used to.

I have been working out a lot, weightlifting, and doing yoga for the past 11 months.

I feel great, and improving every day.



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