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Karen W.

I am a writer, wife, mother and advocate of three African American boys, 2 of whom happen to have Aspergers. My two Asperger sons are in their adolescent years at ages 12 and 15. My writing is a therapeutic release and an opportunity to look at our family challenges, with humor and grace. It... Full Bio
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Blue Sky Among Clouds

Having a public forum where you share some of your deepest feelings and emotions can be dangerous. I totally went left the other night on...

Excuse MeWhile I Go Left

What is so f*#%ed up about this situation is that this is a family crisis, but I feel like the only person tasked with solving it, alongside...

The Script

The script/dialog all morning and afternoon...  Him: I changed my mind about that group home.  I don't trust you mom.  If I move there,...

I Can't Do This

Do you ever have those moments when you think ...I just can't do this anymore? I can't take another step forward. I don't know what else to do....

Pimp Slapped

I woke up this morning thinking, Wow! I thought the worst part was over. We made it through middle school. We made it through high school.  It...

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