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Washington, District of Columbia
Karen Schachter is a licensed clinical social worker & certified nutrition counselor who works with women who want to have a healthier relationship with food & in turn, improve their nutrition, improve their mood & energy, decrease their cravings and just generally enjoy life more... Full Bio
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WHO’S A BETTER MOM?: 5 Tips to Help You Stop Judging Yourself So You Can Step Into Your Own Mom-Greatness

Who’s the best mom? Does she stay home with her kids or work out in the world? Does she bake cookies or buy tofu? Does she have a perfectly...


What does a huge water slide have to do with raising a healthy, strong, self-confident girl? Well, recently, I had the chance to share the...

Lessons from the High Wire (Or: What Does a Zip-Line Have to Do With Your Life?)

This past weekend at the Mom-Daughter Retreat at Madeira School, I had the exciting opportunity to experience myself, and witness 11 girls and...

Is Your Daughter’s “NICENESS” Interfering with Her Self-Esteem???

This morning, after yet ANOTHER day stuck inside because of the snowfall, my daughter asked me to play WII with her. (She has recently...

How your “inner bitch” can help you gain energy and eat healthier!

Of all the complaints I hear most in my practice (besides wanting to lose weight or help their daughter do so) is “I’m SO tired. I have NO time...
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