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Woonsocket, Rhode Island
I enjoy educating people about the importance of whole food nutrition.  Especially like to explain that if you are going to supplement your diet be sure again it is with whole food and not vitamins.  I am also educating on the dangers of chemicals in our skin and body products.  We tend to look at ingredients that we eat but think nothing of what we put on our bodies.  With the skin being the largest organ and able to absorb those chemical we need to pay attention.
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Whole Food Nutrition

A diet rich in nutrition from fruits and vegetables is also important to protect DNA from oxidative damage, which can weaken the structural...

Importance of Whole Food Nutrition

Whole food is the best source of nutrition for your body.  If you supplement your diet be sure to use whole food  not isolated fragmented...

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Feb 25 2010 by Karen

Healthy Happy Kids - continued

8.  Take children to supermarket - nutritional classroom - only shop perimeter

9.  Add a whole food concentrate to family diet

Feb 25 2010 by Karen

Healthy Happy Kids Continued

4.  Feed your family grow foods from nature.  Traffic light eating Green light foods, yellow and red

5.  Raise a grazer - eating small but more frequent.  nibble tray - broccoli, orange wheels, carrot sticks

6.  Start day with brainy breakfast - sets tone for the day

7.  Feed family lots of fruits and veggies - grow foods - natures pharmacy

Feb 25 2010 by Karen

Healthy Happy Kids Campaign - 9 simple steps

1.  Shape young tastes - program toward healthier eating habits

2. Feed right carbs. - children need lots of carbs to grow, think and play.

3.  Feed the right fats - worst fats are from factory - hydrogenated and trans fat.  best fats seafood, flax seed oil, olive oil, nuts and avocadoes