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Karen E.

I am a health and nutrition writer and a lover of yoga, adventure, wellness, and spirituality. I love learning about ways to live a healthier life and sharing what I learn with my readers! Much of my writing focuses on holistic health and alternative medicine. I feel strongly that we all have a... Full Bio
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Better products for oral health

We all know that brushing and flossing our teeth regularly is important to keep our teeth and gums healthy and avoid cavities, right? Well, did...

The #1 way to create positive change in your life

Over the past several years, I have developed the (somewhat) regular habit of writing down my goals on a daily basis. Writing down my goals...

On grief and purpose

I recently read that it often takes a major trauma to motivate people to discover and follow their true purposes in life. That only something...

Getting back on track in the new year

It’s normal during the holidays to let unhealthy eating habits take over and let your workout routine slide. Between all the holiday parties you...

From the Ground Up

Guest post by Stephanie Monty Most of us are familiar with the notion that water has a cycle. From rain to groundwater, groundwater to...

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