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This is very difficult to tell. It depends a lot on her current age, the stage of kidney... more
Jan 03 2009 8:15pm
Jan 03 2009 8:29pm
Can you get your Serum Creatinine checked? more
Jan 03 2009 8:33pm
Taking antibiotics for what? Did you have an infection? What is the problem that you are... more
Jan 03 2009 8:35pm
Elevated urea means your kidneys are not clearing enough urea and probably other toxins... more
Jan 03 2009 8:38pm
Hemodialysis usually does not have any effect on blood glucose. Peritoneal Dialysis may,... more
Jan 03 2009 8:40pm
Dec 15 2008 4:48am
You can test Serum Creatinine and Blood Urea or BUN. Abnormal values of these tests... more
Jan 03 2009 8:41pm
When you say home dialysis, are you referring to home hemodialysis or Peritoneal... more
Jan 28 2009 6:11pm