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Oh Enalapril!

It all began with an Echocardiogram, Until then I knew my heart like the back of my palm. Back came a scary diagnosis, ‘Basal...

Life on Dialysis - one challenge after another

Until a couple of years back, I used to take about 6 pills a day which was considered to be a small number for someone on dialysis. Most...

Online pharmacy stores: Miles to go before they reap

With everyone buying everything online these days and with me currently taking 17 pills every day, I thought it might be worth checking out...

Justice Arnab

I saw the movie Talvar a few days back. The movie is based on the 2008 Noida double murder case . The case was covered extensively in the...

Birthday Pics

Just completed 40 years. Here are some pictures from the celebrations that went on for 4 days! Unfortunately, no pics are available from the...

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