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Only something that will prevent HUS recurrence can help me in the long run

I have often felt that I don't really want to get a transplant. I am leading a fairly normal life - working full time, exercising, traveling....

A duodenum biopsy

I have been having recurrent diarrhea for the past month or so. I am on my third antibiotic course. Everything seems to be ok for a few...

India's patent laws - two sides of the debate

When I contacted Alexion Pharmaceuticals , the sole company in the world that manufactures Eculizumab , the only drug with which I can...

A voice for Atypical HUS patients from India

Look at this from a doctor's perspective. A regular nephrologist would hardly see a handful of cases in his or her entire career! What is...

Worst bone pain ever

For the last few weeks, my bone pain has become really, really bad. A couple of days back, on my night off from dialysis, I woke up around 3:30...

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