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What is wrong with medical journalism in India?

This morning, in my inbox, I saw a n article from the Hindustan Times about a PD solution infecting a set of patients. Investigations...

Advised a major surgery

Yesterday I had written about the diagnosis for my bone pain in the hip area . I went to the orthopaedic doctor and he has given me three...

Bilateral Cam Impingement

My nephrologist asked me to consult an orthopaedic doctor for the bone pain I've been having in my hip area. So, I went to one and he examined...

And now, an infiltration

I use the buttonhole method to do my own cannulation every night to begin dialysis. I use a pair of sites and alternate them each night. From...

Bad Bone Pain - unable to get a handle

I am suffering with really bad bone pain. It is mainly in the feet and the back side of the leg just below where the leg joins the hip. Any kind...

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