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kennewick, Washington
Hi, My Name is Kali.  I am a Esthetician @ a Salon in Kennewick, Washington. I care Deeply about people skin and health!  I want to help people feel great from the inside out.  Your skin is a direct reflection of whats going on inside your body and great core nutrionis the key to great skin!
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Jan 19 2009 by Joanette B.


It looks like it just showed up on the Team Whiteboard.  How strange! Thanks for sharing! 


Jan 19 2009 by Joanette B.


Good Morning!  Can you please post your results on our Team Whiteboard?  I didn't see it.  We need your results up......I am back only briefly today -- false labor twice & her doctor had a death so they didn't induce. How many days did you walk last week?  

Way to go girl! 

Dec 22 2008 by Fanda

Hi Kali,

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