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I'm Kaitlyn, and I am extremely passionate about fitness and healthy living. Follow me on my blog, "Pain Can Be Fun", as I document my adventures as a runner....and as I work towards various fitness goals: running my first Half-Marathon in October, and eventually a full!
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I’m MOVING!!!!

Not apartments. I’m moving to a new blog! This is something I’ve been contemplating for quite a while, and recently when I wanted to...


Ahh! So, clearly I’ve become restless with my blog layout AGAIN. Well, just FYI, this change is temporary. I’ve got some bigger and better...

Food Thoughts

Happy Monday! (haha…) I was NOT excited about it being Monday this morning. I just was not in the mood to go to work, then come home and do...

Race for the Cure 5k [Lessons for a New Runner]

5k #2…Done!! Overall, it was a very fun race/day. Going into it I was a little out of my element….during (most of) it I wasn’t a...

Very Berry Protein Smoothie

Since the race on Saturday , I’ve been feeling great! No knee or foot pain [knock on wood]…and I’ve been able to jump back into workouts...

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