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Boston, Massachusetts
Hello My name is Kait Capone and I am a huge foodie.I am also a vegan which can somtimes make dining out tough, So instead I cook! I love creating my own healthy vegan dishes! Follow my blog as I travel and write about local eateries, post healthy vegan recipes inspired by local flavor, and... Full Bio
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May Foodie Pen Pal

So once again I decided to participate in the Foodie Blog Pen Pal program for the month of May! So when I first got the email from...

Italian Flavored Flax Seed Crackers

 I was working on making a batch of grain free crackers, incidentally the recipe i created also happens to be vegan, so I decided to post...

Sweet Fig and Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

 So I was going through past posts when suddenly I found a ton of old recipes that I had completely forgotten about, so I decided to post...

Healthy Fudgey Brownies Made with a Secret Ingredient

This is by no means a homemade recipe, although I am not fond of baking out of a box I was cleaning out the pantry when I came across this...

Crowd Pleasing Homemade Granola Bar

Just because I am giving up the grains doesn't mean all my readers should be forced to suffer along with me, although I do plan on creating...

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