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Chicago, Illinois
Diagnosed at 27 with cancer, I felt like a babe in the woods compared to patients around me who were the age of my grandparents. After treatment I took to the road to meet 25 perfect strangers living with cancer in their 20s and 30s. Our on-on-one, recorded conversations transformed the way I... Full Bio
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Parenting With Cancer: How to Empower Your Kids?

By Sarah J. for I remember when I was twelve my grandpa was dying of lung cancer and I couldn’t even speak as...

Back To School With Cancer?

By Jackie B-F “What’s that scar on your neck?” I wasn’t even 20-minutes into the first day of orientation for my Master’s program and...

Are You an Athlete Living with Cancer?

By Kristen Schindler Cancer has a way of destroying the parts of you that you define yourself by. I felt cancer destroyed my ability to...

Do Cancer Support Groups Work For You?

By Kairol Rosenthal During my stint with cancer, I’ve attended both thyroid cancer and young adult cancer groups.  They ranged from...

‘The Cancer Club’: Do Thyroid Cancer Patients Belong?

By Jackie B-F Thyroid cancer is referred to as the “good cancer” to have.  Treatment generally involves surgery followed by radioactive...
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