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Bentonville, Arkansas
I'm K8. I have fibromyalgia and I am grateful for it. (Yes, you read that right.) While fighting FMS I am learning to find lessons in the little things and am getting to know myself better.
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Please Help! Chronic Illness and Meeting People

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Sep 16 2009 by Viv

Check this site out this week we are blogging for Invisible Illness Week...Join us.

Jan 07 2009 by Fanda

Hi Kate,

Thanks for adding me as your friend. I agree with you that our disease doesn't have to make us feel sad. It should make us grateful. That's the best attitude to have if we want to live happily. I have an allergy, and I am also grateful of my allergic. If you like to, you can check my experience with allergy in my site, 1st Asthma Treatment, especially in the Egg Allergy section.

See you around!