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I am losing half my weight! I write about the lifestyle changes I make and experiments I try in the process. Because I only want to do this thing once, I am taking a rounded apporach to the whole process, that means I'm changing habits, exploring what made me fat, examining patterns of thought and... Full Bio
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Meredith @ An Epic Change

Virginia 23452
I use my blog to talk about all the little changes in my life that have lead to an epic change: me being healthy. You'll see food, fitness, and even ice cream. Every day I learn more about balancing a health and wellness with my life and the things I want to do. I am getting the most out of life and truly becoming the person I always knew I could be! I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with...

Nicole G

I am a registered dietitian specializing in weight management. I have a website about healthy recipes that I come across and have tried, weight loss, nutrition tips, fitness tips, healthy reading ideas, and more!


Meriden, Connecticut
She's a Fit Chick is all about fitness, health, nutrition, and food! I am a 25 year old personal trainer who recently changed her lifestyle from being an inactive, fast food addict, into a fitness and health nut! Stop by to read about all things healthy and my adventure getting and staying that way!
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Rachel Wilkerson

Grand Blanc, Michigan
I've always been a sucker for trying new things. (Late night infomercials are my kryptonite!) And, being the kind of person who can gain five pounds just smelling pizza and lose five pounds by dropping cheese for a week, I often apply this "What can I try next?" mentality to diet and exercise. My weight has fluctuated over the years. I played sports but I ate a good amount of...