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Manila, Philippines
A chronic kidney failure patient undergoing dialysis treatment since 2003. I'm an enthusiastic person by nature and has interests on blogging, writing, reading, cooking, graphics design, and research work.
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Hypertension All Over Again

Rebound Hypertension Rebound high blood pressure is blood pressure elevation in response to stopping or reducing...

Blogging Again

That’s how its been these past 3 years with regards to my blogging duties. Forgotten? Not likely. Neglected? Absolutely not! Let’s just say...

Blogging Hiatus

It’s been quite some time since I last made a post here in DP. Some of you might think that I already lost interest in sharing my experiences...

A Road Trip That Did Me Good

I had a recent hiatus from blogging and wasn’t able to update my blogs due to a road trip I just took recently. My aunt, the one who’s been...

Don’t Let The Flu Get You

Don’t let the flu get you. This is my mantra whenever the rainy season sets in. Influenza or the flu is more rampant during this...
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Nov 21 2009 by rajesh moganti

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Jun 09 2009 by Dr. Anshu Gupta
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Jun 09 2009 by Dr. Anshu Gupta
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