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Health Maven's Answer
If she is under 18, you need to tell your parents. Honestly, I would tell them anyway.... more
Jan 21 2009 5:06pm
You don't. Or at least, you shouldn't. I think you know this, because why else would... more
Jan 21 2009 10:44am
I am not sure that I understand the question... that said, my guess is that the sucking... more
Jan 21 2009 10:37am
This is a site that addresses some good statistics on eating disorders:... more
Jan 19 2009 4:25pm
It was probably primarily water weight loss, and will almost certainly come back on... more
Jan 19 2009 4:22pm
I wasn't able to find a Canadian specific website, which isn't surprising... there... more
Jan 19 2009 4:20pm
I would tend to think not, since vodka isn't juice... but I don't know much about that... more
Jan 19 2009 4:15pm
This may be a useful resource for you.... more
Jan 18 2009 3:01pm
It is a condition sometimes called dyskinesia of the esophagus. You can read more about... more
Jan 14 2009 10:21pm
The BMI charts don't judge whether or not you have an eating disorder. Nor do I think... more
Jan 09 2009 3:10pm