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Julie W.

San Mateo, California
I am a professional muralist in the San Francisco Bay area. I used to be extremely athletic and I am now trying to keep my health while working. I am also interested in homeopathy. My work keeps me standing all day, and driving long distances. I do yoga every morning for the past 16 years, but I get very few hours or opportunities to exercise. I cook the best foods I can afford, and I recently have learned many new meals that are low-fat and very easy, from Indian cuisine. I am... Full Bio
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Dec 19 2007 by Larissa
Do you know of any Eastern Medicine doctors in the area?  I want to find a doctor (general visits, nothing specific) that wants to take a more natural approach to healing.
Dec 12 2007 by Larissa
Thank you! Thank you for the family membership to Planet Granite! It's just what we needed.