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Julie the Alkaline Sister

Victoria, Canada
My dream is to inspire and energize you for life through delicious recipes, tips and up to date alkaline lifestyle information that is inspired from my personal health and studies. My passion for cooking, educating, inspiring, writing, and photography has led me here.  I couldn't be... Full Bio
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Non-Fermented Vanilla Bean Young Coconut Yogurt w/ Strawberries – A Probiotic Perspective

Pin It Oh my friends, I miss you so!  This journey of sharing the alkaline lifestyle has taken on a whole new look!  It’s becoming...

Sweet Pea & Pearl Onion Pesto Smothered Zucchini Noodles & the 1 2 3… A B C… on How to Increase Your Alkalinity

Pin It Call me a cheat-ster if you like but it’s just the way things go some times!  I am reposting this lovely spring recipe I...

Strawberry Almond Steamer – Happy Valentines Day

Pin It With the lead up to the big romantic day I  thought I’d share a pretty pink, creamy steamer you can thoroughly enjoy because...

Ginger Creamed Pecans & Chopped Kale w/ Pomelo–Beating the Winter Bugs and Blues!

Pin It Taking advantage of winter’s kale bounty makes for some very hearty, yummy salads.  I’m always one to choose a mild cos or...

Blender Greens and an Alkaline Detox — A Day in the Life

Pin It Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Are you ready to empty out the trash?  Ready to detox your body and revive that vibrant...
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