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Melbourne, Australia
I am a passionate body image and self esteem advocate, with a particular interest in eating disorders and media literacy.  My blog helps people to be their beautiful best with content on body image, wellness, self esteem and living your best life.  I am a therapist, gardener,... Full Bio
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How To Heal Your Money Relationship: Resources for Coaches

Let’s talk cash! Some may say that it’s crass to come right out the gate with such a sentiment, but in truth, I think that’s part of the reason...

How To Write Your About Me Page (Even If You’re Not Sure Who You Are!)

I’m delighted today to be hosting a guest post by Kate Erlenbusch of Word Love.  Kate is a soulful copywriter and even more soulful...

Ten Amazing Things About Being A Life Coach

I have been a life coach and business coach for twelve years.  Yes – I trained to become a life coach way back when people were still scoffing...

How To Write A Best Selling Ebook: Resources For Coaches

You want to snuggle up in bed and have a blissful nights sleep and when you wake and open your emails the next morning, see all the sales of...

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Melbourne – First Training Day

2014 is a very special year for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  We have launched our very first Beautiful You Life Coaching Course with 20...
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