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Julie K.

New York, New York
Runner always looking for new sports and opportunities to be active -- and people to run with in and around the W. Village...
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Feb 04 2008 by Larissa

Hi Julie,

To find members near you, go to the Members page and enter your city, state and zip code.  If you are specifically looking for a running buddy, go to the Running community, click 'View All' in the Members section on the left and you can control the zip code filter on the left.  Hope this helps!

Larisa, Community Relations Manager

Jan 30 2008 by Julie K.
I'm looking for a running buddy in the West Village in NYC -- anyone share my love of the Hudson??
Jan 05 2008 by Julie K.
I just started working out with a trainer at NY Sports Club -- he is awesome and he is helping to get me in shape, and ready to do my next half marathon.  I'm running on my own, but strengthening all the right muscles with him.  I'm trying to choose a half marathon in April -- any recommendations?  I want to do one I haven't already done -- I have done Nashville, Jersey Shore, and Philly.