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In my blog I chronicle my journey to fitness, including my progress towards three goals for my first blog year: losing weight, logging 1000 miles of fitness activity, and running a 5k without having to walk any portion. On the way to these goals, I share my daily successes and failures, my... Full Bio
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Still Not There Yet

Life is crazy.  After three weeks of dealing with intense issues from having mono, I then dealt with intense issues from my dad being in the...

Slowly Coming Back to Life...

Well, the big "thing" is over.  The thing that was sucking the life out of me is pretty much over.  I was so looking forward to celebrating it...

Just so I can Pin it

Someone shared this pic on Facebook and I loved it so much I wanted to Pin it, but you can't Pin from Facebook, so here it is People who...

Witty Wednesday: "Oh Grass,..."

found on Pinterest via Tumblr Yes, grass.  You are hilarious. That is, until "someone" decides to weed-whack the overgrown...

Witty Wednesday: Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels....

I'm still alive!  Hanging in there....still walking for miles.  Still thinking about the future of this blog/journey.  Still evaluating my...

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