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Julie Daniluk hosts Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show that highlights the ongoing battle between taste and nutrition by using unique groups such as bikers, dragon boat racers and ballroom dancers to challenge their taste buds with nutritious foods. Julie is excited... Full Bio
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The Wonders Of Coconut Oil

  Coconut oil has gotten a bad rap: it’s a saturated fat, and we all know that saturated fats are bad for us, right? Think again....

Hello Favourite Foods ~ We Need To Break-Up

Thank you to my friend Jo-Ann Blondin of 9CupChallenge   for her insightful guest blog.*  I think we can all relate to what...

A Testimony To Meals That Heal Inflammation And How It Can Work For You!

This is an amazing story from Amanda, a 28-year-old mother of one, who shares her experience about using Meals That Heal Inflammation to...

A Recipe For Travel

Alan I on the ferry to Vancouver Island   I have been traveling for a couple of weeks now. As you may know, I am no...

Don't Lose Your Gallbladder!

I bet almost every single person reading this knows someone who has had his or her gallbladder removed. At one point the medical...

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