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As a breast cancer survivor, I started researching ingredients in skin care and found an unregulated, anything goes chemical soup that women like me were immersing themselves in everyday. I started Head To Toe Organics ( to offer clean, pure, healthy skin care... Full Bio
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That is... our blog has moved to a new location. The new blog for Head to Toe Organics is now located at... Your Skin Organic Please...

Lavender Skin Care

Lavender skin care has been around for centuries. Lavender was commonly used in Roman baths to restore the skin. It is used today for it's...

Triclosan under investigation from USDA.

Triclosan (used in toothpaste, soap, and hand sanitizer) is being investigated by the USDA. The FDA noted that an animal study showed this...

Clean Skin Care

Today's skin care products are so laden with chemicals yet the average consumer is unaware of the harmful effects these toxins cause. People are...

Steps to Keep Your Skin Organic

Somewhere in time cosmetic companies decided it was a good idea to add chemicals to skin care while luring us into thinking that these products...

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