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My blog is about a tropical garden in Malaysia, South East Asia. Maintained by an amateur gardener and his partner who make their own organic compost, grow flowers and vegetables, and have two dogs.
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On an extended leave of absence...

Sticky post (Source: by jorge cham ) Thanks for dropping by :) I am now in the process of writing up my PhD, and will only be able to...

Organic mealy bug repellent

In the previous post I identified the Papaya mealy bug - on our papaya. So - I checked out what are the possible organic responses and found...

Papaya mealy bug - Paracoccus Marginatus

A while ago, WW noticed some white stuff on our papayas , and eventually I got round to looking closer clusters of foam, it seemed like to...

Identifying a palm tree

Apart from the (Macarthur palms) , we have a couple of palms that are apparently somewhat uncommon, and I'm trying to identify them. They've...

Philippine lawn grass seeding

Our lawn leaves much to be desired - initially it was laid down with 'Pearl grass', which was a bad idea; it did not survive well in the sun, and...

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